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Courses: Study and Work

 English For Business Purposes (Corporate Communication)

A six-week course most suited to students at an Intermediate level or above which is topic-based and covers reading, writing, listening and speaking. Grammar development and specialist business vocabulary are included. Students will visit companies or listen to guest speakers to learn more about the business world.

Corporate Training

The Academy provides corporate and government training in a wide range of areas including: Business and Finance, Hospitality, Education, Teacher Training, Mining and Energy, Aviation and Medical Science. Training delivery is flexible:

Local (in Australia) or international (in your country).
Individuals or groups.
Can be combined with industry visits/business experience.

Phoenix Academy corporate and government clients have included:

  • Bangkok Bank (Thailand)
  • SINO Steel Group (China)
  • Eni Australia Limited (Australia)
  • European Institute of Technology, EPITECH (France)
  • Hamersley Iron & Steel (Australia)
  • Institut Polytechnique de Sciences Avancées (France)
  • Malaysian Ministry of Education (Malaysia)
  • Ministry of Education (Thailand)
  • Thai International Airways (Thailand)
  • Air Mauritius (France)
  • Shanxi Province Public Health Department (China)
  • Ministry of Labour, Department of Vocational Training and the Asian Development Bank (Vietnam)
  • Woodside (Australia)
  • Baosteel (China)

Internship Program

This program offers access to skilled/professional work experience in a specific industry segment nominated by the applicant. Internships are normally unpaid however some interns may find employers may be willing to pay them after an initial period of employment. This will depend on the intern’s level of skill and commitment to the job however Phoenix Academy does not make any guarantees with respect to payment.

Internships are available in a wide range of industries and each placement is individually negotiated upon demand with an appropriate host employer.

Internships are normally directly related to current study or work in the applicant’s home country.

Job Club

This program offers access to paid work whilst in Australia. It is an add-on program to any study course at Phoenix Academy and is usually undertaken after completing an appropriate English program.

Full-time paid work is mostly available in the country areas (outside metropolitan Perth) with more limited opportunities for full-time work in the city. Part-time work is readily available in the city.

Most applicants will only be eligible for unskilled positions (eg fruit picking, food processors, cleaners etc). Some applicants will be able to be classified as semi-skilled or skilled (eg chefs, mechanics, welders etc) and access higher wages.

However, eligibility for jobs will depend on English competence and Recognition of overseas qualifications.

Phoenix Academy will advise on each applicant’s best work opportunities. Applicants will receive a Job Ready Package and briefing during their study period.

For those wanting to work during their study, Phoenix Academy provides access to part-time jobs in the Perth metropolitan area in the evening or on weekends.

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